Review of Birch N Willow Design Co’s Wooden Magnets


IMG_3716Birch N Willow Design Co is an etsy shop based out of Oshawa, Ontario that specializes in handmade rustic charms for your home. Many of the items within Birch N Willow Design Co‘s shop make the perfect gift for almost any occasion, not to mention these wood décor pieces are perfect for Christmas!  We had the opportunity to review these this motivational word art trio magnets set and here’s what we thought:

  • We love the fact these magnets are the perfect way to pin something up on the fridge or office whiteboard
  • We love the motivational words – success, believe and inspire which are the perfect reminders to keep you on positive and motivated
  • We love how adorable these magnets are- they are approximately 2 inches by 1 inch
  • The magnet on the back is glued strongly to the back of the magnets

All of Birch N Willow Design Co‘s items are hand painted on a birch wood sliced and all of her work can we seen on her Instagram page! Want a custom piece created for you? Birch N Willow Design Co loves creating custom orders so be sure to send them a convo on etsy!




Review of Dognatti’s Ceramic Frenchie Coasters

IMG_3364IMG_3361Are you a pet lover? Know of a pet lover? Dognatti specializes in items that animal lovers will love and adore to ensure that you stay pawesome everyday. Shop owner Leigha- is an Interior Architect/Designer by profession AND extreme dog lover by choice!

All the items within are shop are designed and handmade by yours truly. Leigha makes everything in her shop from sketching the dog/cat designs, painting the canvas’, stapling papers to taping the packages!

With over 40 items to choose from you are bound to find something you will love. We had the pawesome opportunity to review this Frenchie Set of Coasters and here’s what we thought:

  • Although these specific coasters are not within Dognatti‘s shop they can be requested to be made as a custom order
  • A similar example to the coasters is this GoldenDooble Labradooble Coaster Set
  • Leigha is open for custom orders, so if you see something you like but envision it differently just send Dognatti a convo and see what Leigha can do for you
  • We love the vivid colours of the coasters- teal and pink are our favourite colours. These coasters are the perfect pop of colour your office, coffee table or kitchen table
  • The coasters are made of high quality ceramic tiles and are 4″ X 4″ in dimensions
  • The front of the coaster is painted by hand and sealed from moisture
  • The back is made of felt to protect furniture from scratches
  • Other than pink and teal you have the following coasters to choose from:
    • Magenta, Orange, Cyan, Mustard Yellow, Teal, Lime Green, Lilac Purple, Blue
  • These coasters are easy to clean with a damp cloth and although we consider them durable they do need to be handled with care because, after all, they are made from ceramic
  • Shipping was super fast to Canada- it basically took 7 business days for it to arrive to us!

Keep in the loop with Dognatti on Instagram and to stay up to date on new products and offers.

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Review of Sixty Stax’s Bracelets

img_3136img_3200Est. in 2016 by two sisters with a love of fine jewelry and accessories, Sixty Stax is a Boston based contemporary jewelry brand specializing in handcrafted, beaded bracelets. Inspired by the ever-changing fashion and color trends, Sixty Stax‘s bracelets are always representative of what is currently on trend and these bracelets are super trendy! We had the opportunity to review these 2 single stax bracelets which are pretty & pink!

Here’s what we thought of each one:

  • Both bracelets are strung by hand on a stretch cord with Sixty Stax‘s logo charms
  • Within Sixty Staxs website you can find a variety of different bracelet styles in a variety of different colours
  • These bracelets make the perfect gift for the fashionista(s) in your life!

Instagram: @sixtystax
Shop: See something you like? Use STAX15 for 15% off your first order online!


Review of RoseGoldFloralDesign’s Mason Jar

2016-12-29 03.03.08.jpg
We love this mason jar! RoseGoldFloralDesign specializes in mainly artificial floral arrangements that are perfect to use as decor or for special occasions like weddings/anniversaries. Christine, owner loves flowers but is allergic to most of them so started making artificial floral arrangements as a creative outlet and new hobby. Many of her inspiration from her designs come from many places, but overall, Christine is inspired by the unique, bright and beautiful! Christine and her sister ALWAYS wanted to become florists. Christine think that this was because her sister and her would always want Little Shop of Horrors wishing they could sing like Ellen Greene. But of course becoming a florist would be difficult because both Christine and her sister are allergic to flowers! So Christine thought she would then take the opportunity to present her floral arrangements via etsy.

We didn’t have the opportunity to review one of Christine’s floral arrangements but we did have the opportunity to review this rustic mason jar! Here’s what we thought:

  • This mason jar is handprinted and distressed, decorated with twine and an ivory flower that we think are perfect to use as home or wedding decor
  • This jar helps our paperclips stay organized on our desk. You can also find many other uses for it such as holding your business cards or other small items
  • This mason jar is available in green and blue but we especially love the pink!
  • Looking for a custom order of these mason jars? Christine will work with you to help you customize these mason jars to your liking!
  • 250ml in depth

Recently, RoseGoldFloralDesign just launched their Spring 2017 items, with more coming in every day so be sure to follow RoseGoldFloralDesign on Instagram to keep yourself posted!

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Review of PrimPickinsCanada’s Home Decor Pieces


One of my favourite shows to watch is Dragon’s Den. I’ve basically watched every episode to date, so I remember when small town girl Jamie-Lee Higginson appeared on the 10th Season of Dragons Den Episode 9. What I loved about Jamie-Lee’s pitch was that she was authentic and confident. I mean honestly, if you’ve ever watched the show you’d probably think twice about going on it. The Dragons can be difficult and often ask ALOT of questions, but Jamie-Lee was prepared to answer every question/concern they had and, as a result, she got a deal from one of the Dragons! So the fact that I had this opportunity to review these two home decor pieces from Jamie-Lee etsy shop: Prim Pickins Canada, is just so exciting! Jamie-Lee started out with owning her own retail furniture and decor store, but after having her second child she closed her store and decided she would create her own products. Selling her handmade creations led Jamie-Lee to create Prim Pickins Canada. As demand and awareness of Prim Pickins Canada grew, Jamie-Lee was continuously being contacted by retail store owners who wanted to sell her items and after making the jump into wholesale she has been able to create an incredible customer base which includes hundreds of stores across Canada. With the demand for her products Jamie-Lee decided she would team up with furniture manufacturing experts in the local Mennonite community. The combination of Jamie-Lee’s design talents and the expert craftsmanship of local Mennonites has resulted in quality, handmade unique products that Jamie-Lee is proud to offer her customers. I had the fantastic opportunity to review Prim Pickins Canada‘s Humble and Kind Rustic Decor Piece as well as the Rustic Key Rack Holder which are both items I absolutely needed in my life!

The Rustic Key Rack Holder was a much needed item since I do not have a table or place to set my keys when I come home from work and I hate having them lay on the kitchen countertop. So i’m excited to have my husband hang this piece up at the door so that we both can make a habit and place our keys in one place! This key rack holder is handcrafted out of sold wood and has a distressed finish to it making it have that rustic look. The key rack includes three square hand nails to hang your keys.

The Humble and Kind Rustic Decor Piece is a piece i’m still debating where I should hang up. Ideally I want it in my office but then, at the same time, I also want it in my bedroom, ugh the struggle is real! Anyways this piece is also handcrafted out of a solid wood sign and comes with a self leveling sawtooth hanger on the back. I love the quote and the beautiful design of this wood sign. It is a great reminder that everyone should consider thinking about every so often.

Prim Pickins Canada‘s etsy shop has over 232 items to choose from so you are bound to find something you will love whether it for the home or for a special event!  Custom listings are also available so be sure to send Prim Pickins Canada your project idea! AND if you live close to Melancthon, Ontario then be sure to use coupon code: localpickup to skip the shipping costs!

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Review of Jessie_loves_sparkle’s Leaf Gold Dangle Earrings

IMG_2773.JPGJessie_loves_sparkle creates beautiful handmade jewelry that is beautiful and minimal in design.  Jessie_loves_sparkle‘s are unique and like no other. We had the awesome opportunity to review Jessie_loves_sparkle‘s Amethyst Leaf Gold Dangle Earrings as well as her Cobalt & Amethyst Flutter Leaf Earrings and

here’s what we thought:

  • Both are stunning in design and perfect for the upcoming seasons of spring & summer!
  • The colours of both earrings are just stunning!
  • Both earrings are made on gold plated earring hooks and are incredibly light
  • Both earrings came beautifully packaged and are the perfect gifts to give whatever the occasion may be
  • Jessie_loves_sparkle has a variety of other beautiful jewerly pieces that are boho style and affordably priced
  • Be sure to follow Jessie_loves_sparkle for upcoming sales and promos!
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Review of Mamoo’s Custom Gold Dipped Hand Printed Tote Bag

2017-01-14-05-25-252017-01-14-05-25-46-1How freaking adorable is this custom gold dipped hand printed tote!? Mamoo creates awe-inspiring bags for adventurous kids with stuff to do and places to do. Mamoo believes that kids should be ready to experience a big wide world full of wonder and various possibilities. Mamoo‘s bags are designed to stimulate children’s minds and imaginations, while they carry their most important things in their totes to go with them on their journey. I had the opportunity to real this stunning Custom Gold Tote Dipped Hand Printed Bag. Here’s what I thought:

  • First off I have to say that this bag is not JUST for kids, its also suitable for adults! I honestly use this bag everyday and love it. It’s perfect for carrying my laptop and paper work without having to stuff those things in my purse, making me feel that much more organized!
  • What I love the most is that the bag is personalized so it makes this tote that much more special. This  Custom Gold Tote Dipped Hand Printed Bag gives you the option to choose your font in cursive, print or monogrammed initials. I chose the cursive font and decided to get my name imprinted on the tote
  • The tote is great that has a zipper to keep your stuff safe and a cross body adjustable long strap allowing you to wear it whichever way you prefer!
  • The tote is made from 100% heavy-weight natural cotton canvas. The tote can hold my laptop and some paper work and is very sturdy! Dimensions are 10″ by 12.5″ by 3″
  • Each bag within Mamoo‘s collection is made from 100% premium cotton textiles and handmade in their home town of Oakland, California. By keeping their production local, Mamoo has made the conscious decision to ensure the highest quality product is given to their customer while also supporting their surrounding community.
  • Live in the US? You’ll get free domestic shipping on your purchase of $50 or more!

Shop: Mamoo Kids
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Review of NeedSomeCat’s Floral Soap Dispenser

2017-01-14-05-24-11@needsomecats is a small etsy shop located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Owned by girl boss Irina, @needsomecats creates beautiful hand painted home decor which is made with love and inspiration. The pieces within @needsomecats‘ shop are unique and make great gifts! It is important to note that Saint Petersburg is one of the best cities for artists because of its art culture. Irina works from home and finds her inspiration in everyday experiences such as: her little song, nature and architecture. Irina opened up her etsy shop so that she can share her creations with the world around her to make your home cozier with her creations. I had the opportunity of reviewing @needsomecatsGlass Soap Dispenser in Light Purple. Here’s what I thought:

  • I really love this soap dispenser which I keep in my master bedroom washroom
  • I love the fact that it is handmade
  • This soap dispenser is a great addition to any washroom and/or kitchen
  • Unfortunately the current soap I am using is a dark green so you can’t really see the beautiful purple colour, but check out the listing to see the original colour
  • The dispenser has a beautiful hand painted floral design
  • The work and detail put into this soap dispenser is so impressive
  • Soap dispenser shipped quickly from Russia.
  • @needsomecats has many other items that’d i’d love to add to my home such as the Olive Oil Bottle, Wine Glasses as well as Coffee Mugs
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Review of Little Miss Tulle’s Pretty in Pastel Headband

2016-12-29 03.06.39.jpg2016-12-29 03.07.04.jpg2016-12-29 03.07.36-1.jpgOkay how freaking adorable is this Gold & Pink Tulle headband!? We are crazy for it and think its so darn cute!! Little_miss_tulle specializes in little trucker tees, tulle headbands and beanies. We review this Pretty in Pastel Headwrap. Here’s what we thought:

  • We love how adorable this headband is
  • Your babe will look awesome in this pastel head band. It is perfect for those special occasions
  • This listing gives you the ability to choose your style & size
  • Sequin elastic headband giving the headband to grow with your babe
  • Affordably priced for the fact that it is handmade and made of durable material
  • This headband is the perfect gift for almost any occasion (birthdays, baptisms etc) for your little one or a little one you know of!
  • We love the tulle incorporated in this headpiece which makes the headband all that much more stylish and will make any little babe look that much more cuter
  • When the bow was completed, shop owner, Ashley sent us a photo of the bow before shipment. We have found that a lot of small shops usually send a quick picture to the buyer which we think is a fantastic idea
  • All headbands are made to order
  • Custom orders are also available. Just send Little_Miss_Tulle a convo on etsy if you don’t see something you like or envision a current listing she has a tad differently

Be sure to follow Little_Miss_Tulle on Instagram for upcoming sales and latest creations for your little one!

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Review of TheBlushyKitten’s Litter of Kittens Stud Earrings

2016-12-31-02-36-36If you love cats then you will love these earrings! Based of out of Singapore, TheBlushyKitten specializes in felt jewelries and decorations for animal lovers! We reviewed this Litter of Kitten 3 Pair Set of Stud Earrings and were fascinated on just how adorable and detailed these studs are. Here’s what we thought:

  • This set is perfect for the cat lover whether it you or someone you know
  • Affordably priced for fact that this set was made by hand. Shop owner Jessie cut the pieces of felt and stitched the keys, mouth, whiskers and blushes with nylon and cotton threads
  • The earrings are suitable for both kids and adults
  • These studs are made  using hypoallergenic stainless steel earring posts
  • Dimensions: 1cm x 1cm
  • Many kitten and colours to choose from allowing you to customize it as you like
  • The packaging of the earrings are so cute! We love that the felt box opens up and is an earring holder allowing you to stay organized
  • Jessie’s inspirations come from Aranzi Aronzo and Jessie loves to work with felt because its texture resembles a cat’s tongue
  • What we loved most about doing this product review is the pictures Jessie took and sent to us as she made and mailed our purchase which made us super excited to review and receive!
  • Fast shipping

Interested in making a purchase or browsing TheBlushyKitten‘s other designs?  Shop by clicking now at: TheBlushyKitten

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